drone shot of a crane lowering a commercial HVAC unit onto the roof of Rocktown High School by Riddleberger Brothers, Inc.

Rocktown High School

Rocktown High School is a new multi-story high school for the City of Harrisonburg consisting of 270,000 total square feet. The building is made up of six different wings that will include classrooms and administrative offices, a media center, a cafeteria, a dance studio, gyms, a fitness center, CTE, and an art and engineering shop….

Robert E. Aylor Middle School

Robert E. Aylor Middle School is a new two-story school consisting of a 55,234 sq. ft. main level and a 28,667 sq. ft. upper level, totaling 83,901 sq. ft.

John Wayland Elementary - Exterior 1

John Wayland Elementary School

An existing 72,000 square foot single-story elementary school was a renovation and addition project that included installation of rooftop equipment, plumbing, and exhaust systems.

JMU Wilson Hall - Interior 1 - Theater

JMU Wilson Hall

The JMU Wilson Hall project was the first complete plumbing and mechanical renovation to this landmark building in almost 90 years. It involved installation of ductless, split-system air conditioning.

Pleasant Valley Elementary - Exterior 1

Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Pleasant Valley Elementary School underwent a complete upgrade of all mechanical and plumbing utilities and systems, including the removal of old equipment and installation of new plumbing fixtures, along with additional construction.

JMU Forbes - Interior 1 - Theater

James Madison University Forbes Center for the Performing Arts

The performing arts center at James Madison University was a new construction project covering 174,000 square feet and included installation of heating and cooling systems with acoustical considerations.

BRCC Bio Science - Exterior 1

Blue Ridge Community College Bioscience Building

The bioscience building on the campus of Blue Ridge Community College was a new construction project covering 44,166 square feet and involved installation of HVAC and plumbing systems.

Waynesboro High School Renovation - Exterior 1

Waynesboro High School Renovation and Addition

Waynesboro High School was a renovation and addition project that included new plumbing and HVAC systems covering 164,730 square feet.

JMU COB Renovation - Exterior 1

JMU College of Business – Renovation and Expansion

The 216,763 square foot College of Business building at James Madison University underwent a renovation and expansion, including upgraded HVAC and plumbing systems.

UVA Rotunda - Exterior 1

University of Virginia – Rotunda

The restoration and renovation of the Rotunda was a challenging project that involved the use of BIM modeling to combat the difficulties of the unique building. Alternate materials and methods were used to preserve the historic landmark and embrace its distinctive shape.